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Rail Ballast

The BIS was developed to provide a fail-safe alert for rail ballast voids. Connected directly to the rail signalling network, the BIS has proven its value time and time again, closing rail lines following washouts and ballast void formation, stopping approaching trains which would have otherwise been derailed.


Embedded into the embankment and anchored to a fixed point the BIS can immediately alert of embankment collapse and prevent road and rail collisions with fallen debris.



Whether it is for road or rail, the BIS sensor can give instant notification of washouts to close infrastructure, prevent incidents and protect lives


Bridge Scour

Bridge scour presents a significant risk to our infrastructure. The BIS sensor affixed to the brigde pier and embedded into the river bed can provide an alert when bridge scour of a concerning degree is detected.


Much like the monitoring of embankments, the BIS can be installed to provide warning of landslides above or below infrastructure.

Structural Separation

The body and nose cone of the BIS sensor can be affixed to points either side a location when structural movement is of concern. Should the separation exceed the BIS threshold, an instant notification can be given.


Failure is not a measurement

Measuring movement is important to understand the evolution of structures and infrastructure.

But when failure occurs the measurement is not important. Protecting lives becomes critical!

3-steps to saving lives


Instant detection of total failure when measuring is no longer an option.


Instant alert to significant failure based on mechanical trigger.


Connect to signalling networks to close infrastructure and save lives.

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